I thought, This is the moment. Now is the time. As she settled in her chair, I looked at her meaningfully and closed my office door slowly, signaling my intentions. Her lips came together in what I'm almost sure was a smile.

I pulled my chair out from under my desk and placed it directly in front of her. When I took my seat, we were knee to knee. Suddenly her eyes grew fiery, as if the heat of passion were burning through its inner restraints.

Still, no words came. We were mute. I looked hungrily over her body, allowing my eyes to speak for me.

She seemed to want to say something. Her face was red with desire. Her hand shot out quickly toward the desk, and I could see she was reaching for the Bard, for my volume of Shakespeare, and it occurred to me that there was perhaps some passage from a play she thought spoke to our situation. The book seemed to literally fly from the desk. She grasped it with two hands and pulled it back to her body with great intensity, as if her need was furious, and I remember thinking, I've opened the floodgates now! I remember thinking, This will be the experience of a lifetime!

Then . . .