Who knows for sure what happened between this professor and Cleary? Does she know? Was she there? No, but she just assumes, pig male aggressor that all men are, that he did something.

Guy at another college last year--I read about this in the paper--got fired for the way he looked at a student. Looked at her! The guy didn't do a damn thing. Or maybe it was students and not one student, but the main thing is it was just looking. He didn't say anything. He didn't do anything. And for this the guy was fired. Man. What are we supposed to do? Wear blindfolds to work? What kind of insanity-- You're telling me-- Wait a minute! Whoa! Why are you wearing a short dress? Because you don't want to be looked at? So then if somebody looks at you the way you've dressed to attract looks, then that's harassment? Is this patently insane? Are you out of your collective minds? Of course you want to be looked at. If we don't look at you, you're hurt. Go ahead, tell me that's not true. Oh, I know what it must be! You wear short dresses because you like the breeze. Son-of-a-bitch.

Now I've got to worry is she going to file some confidential report on me and screw up the rest of my career without my even knowing anything about it.

What a bitch. Two-to-one she's gay.