Dangerous Readings

strange hypertexts and narrative play

the second international web art science camp

Boston, MA, USA. November 19-20, 2011


Twitter: #Danger11

Dangerous Readings is a gathering of artists, computer scientists, and researchers who will come together in Boston this November to explore new frontiers in narrative.  It is the second in a series of international web art science camps.

Dangerous Readings will be a popup unconference: the participants will set the agenda. The focus will be project sharing, cooperation, and creation – on crafting new narratives and designing new experiences.   We welcome hands-on technical projects, novel digital literature or literary systems, or any other digital art projects or research.  We especially want to hear about new work and work in progress. Students are welcome and encouraged. 

Who Might Be There? What Might Happen?

It’s hard to know! Here are some things we’ve planned and some of the people planning them. Everything’s subject to change. Got ideas? Email us.

Paul La Farge: author of Luminous Airplanes

Mary-kim Arnold: author of Lust

Jeremy Ashkenas: interactive News, NY Times


John Cayley: Brown University

Mark Bernstein: chief scientist, Eastgate Systems Inc.

A dramatic reading from The Trojan Girls, a hyper-drama which is never improvised but changes in each performance.

Bill Bly: author of We Descend

Angela Chang: MIT

Steve Ersinghaus: author of The Life of Geronimo Sandoval

Diane Greco: co-author of The Zodiac Of Paris

Robert Kendall: author of A Life Set For Two

Patrick McSweeney: University of Southampton

Stacey Mason: editor, Eastgate Systems Inc.

Agency in games
Glitch Art

J.Nathan Matias: MIT

Andrew Plotkin: author of So Far and Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home

Stephan Groschwitz

Things We’d Like To Hear About

COST: Registration is just $45 per attendee. Some assistance may be available.


Thinking of coming?

Not sure? Questions? Need help with lodging, food, inspiration? Want to send us some work to discuss? Email Stacey Mason or call (800) 562-1638.