“…the primary source for serious hypertext” – Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review


Guidelines for Authors

Eastgate publishes fine fiction and nonfiction hypertexts -- interlinked, interactive work, specifically written to be read on the computer.

We publish stand-alone hypertexts on CD-ROM and USB sticks.

We typically purchase exclusive world rights, and we offer royalties and advances to authors with works to be published on CD-ROM or other removable media. We publicize our titles on the Web and in print, through advertising and direct mail, and our readers purchase them as they would purchase anything else from a small, literary press. The time between acceptance and publication is also like a literary press -- we select, edit and promote our works with care.


While our first concern is publishing fine writing, we're interested in the world of literature beyond the confines of paper. We don't normally publish work that has appeared, or could appear, in printed form. E-books or downloaded manuscripts are inappropriate for us -- please do not send them. We also don't adapt unsolicited manuscripts; your work should already be a hypertext before you submit it to us.

If you are confused about the kinds of work we publish, please take a look at our online catalogue of hypermedia fiction, poetry, non-fiction.


Submissions should be made by sending a CD-ROM or DVD to the postal address below. You can also send a URL to info@eastgate.com.

Simultaneous submissions are OK as long as they're stated as such. Reporting time varies, but you can generally expect a reply in 4-6 weeks. If you want your work back, include a SASE. We do our best to take good care of submitted work, but we can't guarantee we won't lose it. Don't send your only copy -- make backups.