I get home from work at 9 p.m. and Tano's sitting at my computer naked, which means he's working on one of his videos. He says figuring out what he wants to do is hard, and sometimes he has to just stop and masturbate, so why even start with underwear on?

He's listening to digital recordings of his interviews with psychopaths. He never planned on having an archive of psychos. He wanted to make a documentary about how people relate to their memories. So he put an ad in the paper looking for people with vivid childhood memories. And you can just guess who he got. I mean does the president of American Airlines answer this sort of ad?

Tano is using an interview with Michael Lickowitz to make an interactive documentary to put up on the Web. Tano is splicing Michael's interview into tiny bits and pieces and then reconfiguring the bits so they express how Tano felt when he hadn't slept for weeks because he was scared Madlyn would wake him up screaming. Madlyn usually screamed because she was too fat, or because her mom died. But that is not in Tano's documentary.

Tano replays the bits and pieces night after night. Here's a part that he plays a lot: "There's something special about me. Have you ever known someone who can make their hair straight or curly at will? I've been able to do that. Well, not by will, but by cutting it. I just wish I could get some pussy from doing that. Or a job."

Tano is looking for the perfect spots to cut Michael off. I ask Tano why he doesn't just say the words himself.

Tano says, "I like noticing how close my emotions are to other peoples'." Tano says, "This is my way of connecting."

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