Madlyn's Life Story Before it's Too Late

All I want to tell you is that Madlyn is bulimic. Hello? Do you fucking hear me? Write this down. Write this down because Tano won't let me tell anyone and soon he only thing available will be his fucking Stalinist revisionist paranoid history of life with Madlyn.

Tano can't talk about Madlyn without worrying that she'll kill him.

Did I tell you Madlyn THREW A CHAIR OUT HER THERAPIST'S WINDOW? Because that is on the fucking Stalinist list of things to be rewritten. Did I tell you the glass shattered over the street below? And guess what? Madlyn PAID for it because she had a JOB THAT CONTRIBUTED TO SOCIETY while Mr. Sane was running up credit cards, not doing anything fucking productive except shooting film on beaches through viewfinders that cut out half the picture.

I don't fucking know why she woke up screaming, to tell you the truth. TRUTH? Did I say truth? The truth is she woke up screaming because she was next to him, and I'm screaming now, and if anyone is an ax murderer, it's going to be Tano when he hears me.

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