The Getty was swarming with people on opening weekend, so we left after five minutes‹—not even enough time to see the sunflowers. So I wouldn't go back today even though Tano had reservations for the all-day symposium on virtual spaces. Tano says it wasn't nearly as crowded today.

He says all the multimedia braniacs were there spewing multimedia philosophies that have no relationship to what is really possible.

He says, "I felt alone. I can't decide if I should try to be part of the community or if I should work on accepting that I'm a loner."

I say, "How was the symposium?"

Tano tells me that during the break for lunch, he went to some galleries. Then he got pizza, and there was a guy Tano recognized from CalArts who was eating pizza. Tano thought about sitting down with the CalArts guy but then Tano noticed the guy had the same glasses as Tano does. Tano decided they would look like cookie-cutter people sitting next to each other. So Tano walked all the way around the guy so he didn't see Tano and then Tano sat on a bench by himself.

Then a security guard sat on Tano's bench. Tano said, Hi. Tano said, Don't you get to eat in a special area because you work here? And the guard said no.

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