Todd is my first official call at my new job. I love his radio-announcer voice; too bad he's a lawyer. He says it's time to go over the Web development contract, so I pull it from my Web development folder, which is under a pile of stuff I have no idea how to cope with.

I smile while I talk to him because if you look like you're happy then you sound happy, and he's on our Board, so I think he approves my raises.

"Did you get a chance to read the contract?" he says.

We go over his changes and I approve them as if I can read a contract.

He says, "Do you have any changes?"

I say, "Yeah, on page 22, it's the wrong kind of effect. It should be with an A not an E."

He says, "Let me read it."

We have silence.

He says, "I think it should be an E."

I say, "I don't think it's an E. It's modifying a noun."

He says, "Let me read it."

I say, "This is sort of a joke if we don't even know what this says enough to know if the sentence needs a noun or a verb."

He laughs.

I say, "Let's cut this sentence."

He says, "OK." He says, "I'm impressed."

I think this means he likes my voice. I can't wait until we have a Board meeting.

He says, "Any other changes you want?"

I say, "Yeah, on page 43 you rewrote section 15.8 to say, 'professional and workmanlike fashion.' I think that's bad for women."

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