Dad dropped Daniel off at Cub Scouts and Dad went to Boy Scouts. Dad was the Boy Scout leader-of-all-leaders or whatever, and he didn't want to give it up to be just regular Cub Scout dad.

At Cub Scouts the boys talked about drugs. They went around a circle and said what they'd say if someone offered to sell them drugs:

Billy: "No."

Sam: "No."

Patrick: "No."

Windsor: "No."

Davie: "No."

James: "No."

Charlie: "No."

Harrison: "No."

Tom: "No."

Paul: "No."

Cameron: "No.

Ari: "No."

Richard: "No."

Daniel: "I'd buy the drugs and sell them to someone else for a higher price."

The Cub Scout leader called my mother. My mother announced, "I always knew that of all my children, Daniel has the best mind for business."

My dad said, "I led a discussion about drugs at our last troop meeting. It went very well. I think I taught the kids a lot, and sometimes, when I'm up there speaking, I think I learned to be so effective because of all my work as a trial lawyer."

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