Daniel scored 1500 on his SAT. He says now people who thought he was an average student know he's really smart.

I imagine Daniel running through the cafeteria telling his score to kids who have been instilled with the decorum not to ask.

I tell Daniel, "I think the same of you no matter what your score was. I always knew you were smart."

"You just hate the SATs because you did so badly."

"No, I hate them because a person is not their achievements."

"Well, I guess this is just something we won't agree on."

I don't know what to say. I say, "I miss the time when I could tell you my values and they became your values."

"I guess that's over," he says. Then he says, "Did I tell you I asked someone to the prom? Should I buy a corsage or do you think they're old-fashioned?"

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