Tano says he cannot go down on me because he has a toothache.

So we go out to dinner. Japanese food because his tooth needs soup. I need a warmer shirt, so I put on his red one. The one I always put on because I know he doesn't like wearing it.

He says, "Why don't you buy it from me?" He says that every time. He says it's nothing personal, he's just looking to cut his losses.

I tell him to sell it to Madlyn.

Which makes him angry because only he can make references to her because he's scared she's going to kill herself after putting up with him for seven years. But he doesn't say it that way. He says she'd be upset to hear how much he's told me.

Another thing he told me: He didn't go to her mom's funeral because he didn't have a dark suit.

I tell him I'll give him $20 for the shirt if he'll go down on me.

He goes right for my clitoris, and right before I can say ouch, he moves his tongue away, and then back up, and then I push his hand away because the shirt won't be that great and neither will the orgasm.

While we wait for cold fish and clear soup at the restaurant, we play a video game. I chose the female character because maybe there's some marketing demographic thing in the game that counts how many people chose the female character.

I want to study the rules, but Tano already knows them and he's dropping quarters in the slot. After a couple of seconds of killing each other I don't want to play. I sit back down at our table. Tano keeps playing until he kills me, and then he moves on to the next level.

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