I spend the whole day in a lecture hall overlooking the ocean, listening to executive after executive tell me how CyberMedia will be more powerful than Microsoft by 2010. People laugh in the back. I don't laugh because we're not getting paid overtime and the food sucks.

When I get home I want to kill everyone in the company for failing to recognize my talent. I tell Tano, "If I were like them I'd be an automaton. How can I be nice to people when they're so fucking stupid?" I complain to Tano so much that I forget to do a wash.

I wear a dirty shirt to the second day of CyberMedia propaganda. I find myself sitting next to the Director of Quality Assurance, and I think he might be sniffing, so I swipe a CyberMedia T-shirt from the propaganda paraphernalia, and I slip into the hallway to change.

We eat dinner at tables of ten. Human Resources has arranged the seating so no one sits near anyone they know.

There is fish. For the third meal in a row. Everyone at my table eats fish. No one talks. I introduce myself. I introduce people to each other. I realize I'm the only person at the table with social skills, so I find the median between engineering and marketing, and we discuss the future of the software industry. We discuss various possibilities for improving the fish, which leads to places to take vacations where the food is really great. I make a mental note of Bermuda in case I ever decide I want to stay at a job long enough to accumulate vacation days. I would like Bermuda.

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