Orientation is three hours, and we do things like go around the room and say if we were a piece of clothing, what piece we'd be. I say jock strap. Really, I think I'd rather be a bra, but I want to appear middle-of-the-road. Everyone is impressed when I say I'm the new Web site editor. "Where did you learn to do that?" people ask. I tell them I learned in graduate school. I don't tell them that I have no idea how to make a Web page. I don't tell them that the only thing I know about Web design is what my ex-boyfriend told me before my interview.

On my first day my boss tells me she doesn't know anything about the Web. She says, "For now you'll report to the director of marketing since you know so much more than everyone else. "

I go to the bathroom because I feel my face getting red. I vow to read all the magazines I can when I get home. Then I realize that people who know anything about the Web know that no one knows anything, so in this sense, I know more than anyone else.

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