Tano broke up with me because I told you about Madlyn. I told him I didn't think you remembered every little thing I said. Tano doesn't care. Tano doesn't even know you but he knows you're dangerous. I told Tano you wouldn't tell anyone. Tano says if Madlyn got wind of this she might chase him down the street with a sharpened ax.

"Has she ever done anything like this before?" I ask.

Like always, Tano says no. Tano doesn't know what Madlyn would do if she got really mad at him, but he knows she's dangerous.

I thought if I stopped telling you about Madlyn, then Tano and I could stay together, but Tano says no. He says he'll always be scared.

"Of me?" I asked. "Or of Madlyn?"

"Of both," he said.

"I never hurt you," I said.

He said he'll never trust me.

I reminded him of the time I said I wouldn't date him if he wouldn't go down on me and he said he'd go down on me, and then after two months, he said he wouldn't. I told him everyone makes promises they think they can keep but they can't.

He said, "So what?"

I said nothing. If he doesn't get it then he is too young for me to be with.

He told me he'd like me out of the apartment in a week and I laughed. My last address change hasn't even been processed at the post office yet. I told him I'm not moving for two months. He told me I should go live at your house. I thought about it but I think that even though you like listening to me, you probably don't want to live with me. Anyway I definitely have no money to move right now. I'm a little scared that Tano will give me the money to move. I'm a little scared that he wants me out that badly.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but now that Tano's dumped me, I need you more than ever. I'm sorry to tell you this because everyone wants to feel needed, but no one wants to be needed too much. I promise not to need you too much.

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