Cable YoYo

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Cable YoYo

3 CableYoYo's (white/silver/black)

It's hard to be organized when your desk is a tangle of cables. Firewire cables, monitor cables, USB cables, camera cables, headphone cables. And have you looked in your computer bag lately?

The Cable YoYo is a simple but incredibly effective tool for cleaning your clutter. Instead of having extra cable snaking all over the place, entangling other cables and getting in the way, just wrap the excess cable around the cable yoyo!

  • Keeps cables neat and ready to use
  • Includes self-adhesive, detachable mounting post. Stick a YoYo on the side of your computer or under your desk!
  • The mounting posts are stackable, so you can attach a stack of YoYos at the same place.
  • Perfect for the long, dangly bits of docks, chargers, and adapters.
  • Comes in packs of 3 YoYo's: one black, one silver, and one white.