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Hypertext 2003 Proceedings

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Hypertext '03 Proceedingss
Hypertext '03 Proceedings, $30

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The annual Hypertext Conference is the world's leading forum for hypertext research, and each year, only the best papers are chosen. The Hypertext 2003 Proceedings collects the best in current hypertext research.

This volume of the Proceedings features many exceptional new projects that will have widespread impact on the future of the Web and on the user interface and experience design.

  • Mixed Reality Hypermedia
  • Emergent Web Patterns
  • Which Semantic Web?
  • Adaptive Hypermedia
  • Hypertext and Dance
  • Spatial Hypertext
  • Collage
  • Hypertext and Video Editing

Exciting research

Readers and writers will find this volume filled with ideas, ranging from ways to evaluate today's Web sites, to designs for the hypertext systems of the next decade. Titles include:

This title is, unfortunately, out of print.

Hypertext '03 Proceedings
Helen Ashman and Tim Brailsford, eds
222 pages, paper .  .  . $30.00


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