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Hypertext 2004 Proceedings

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Hypertext '04 Proceedingss
Hypertext '04 Proceedings, $40

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The annual Hypertext Conference is the world's leading forum for hypertext research, and each year, only the best papers are chosen. The Hypertext 2004 Proceedings collects the best in current hypertext research.

Highlights include Cathy Marshall and Gene Golovchinsky on "Saving Private Hypertext", a definitive survey of hypertext preservation, and an entire chapter on Ubiquitous Hypermedia that explores hypertext in the home (refrigerator doors!), the office, and in public spaces. There's plenty of solid engineering as well, from hypertext versioning to spatial hypertext and structural computing.

Nearly fifty papers represent the world's best hypertext research. Each undergoes a remarkably thorough selection process; often, scientists spend years to bring a paper up to the standards of this conference. Here, for example, are just two of the fourteen chapters of this important collection:

  • Stories and Scholarship
    • Twin Media: Hypertext Under Pressure (Kolb)
    • The Mystery of "Lust" (Higgason)
    • Lust, Touch, Medadata: Meaning and the Limits of Adaptation (Bernstein)
  • Foundations
    • An Anatomy of Anchors (Larsen and Higgason)
    • How Much Is Too Much in a Hypertext Link (Harper et al)
    • What Hypertext Is (Wardrip-Fruin)
    • The Endpoint Is Not Enough (Ashman et al)

Exciting research

This year's Proceedings includes a remarkable array of important sessions that represent important advances of interest to hypertext readers and writers -- from information architects to Web animation designers, from students of experimental narrative to digital librarians.

Note: The ACM has not always been efficient in printing and stocking Hypertext Conference Proceedings. We have a small stock of copies on hand, and urge readers who require this volume to order promptly.

Hypertext '04 Proceedings, $40

You can always remove it later.

Hypertext '04 Proceedings
David DeRoure and Helen Ashman , eds
272 pages, paper .  .  . $40.00


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