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Futurefarmers 1995-2002

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A stunning retrospective of Futurefarmers, a remarkable San Francisco new media design firm whose visual style is among the most intriguing and recognizable voices on the Web today.

Amy Franceschini and colleagues build a unique fusion of playful Japanese cuteness, wryly hip San Franciscan irony, and a unique sensibility for virtual materials and information architecture. From internet gallery installations for the Sapporo Art Park to an astonishingly complex multimedia wedding invitation, Harvest brings new media to new tasks, and a new look to new media.

This densely illustrated, highly-designed volume is filled with surprising, highly personal visions from a team of varied talents but unified vision. The accompanying CD includes music, Flash, and QuickTime video created by the FutureFarmers team.

Harvest ($45)

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Harvest: Futurefarmers 1995-2002
by Amy Franceschini et al.
Systems Design Ltd, Hong Kong
176pp. paperback + CD..... $45.00


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