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Michael Joyce

Moral Tales and Meditations

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"Michael Joyce is a subliminal explorer-- he sets off to exp-lore mental regions that are generally neglected, as if they were forests or deserted islands" -- Hèlène Cixous

"The unmatches aesthetic authority for thinking about writing as technology." -- Brooks Landon

Brief essays and short lyrical fictions explore ways technology and new media affect our culture and everyday lives. A writer's reflection on a life of sudden change.

For awhile there was a great deal of talk about surfing, although it has died down by now. Like most people my surfing experience is restricted to body surfing in uncertain swells along fairly safe shores. . . This, of course, made it a bad metaphor for computer behaviors, although most likely this was a matter of perspective, the virtual surfer imagined in third rather than first person, seeing oneself in a mirror.

Sex is like that of course, subject to shifting perspectives and subjectivities.

Michael Joyce is the author of afternoon, a story, the classic (and best-selling) hypertext fiction that remains "the most widely read, quoted, and critiqued of all hypertext narratives" (New York Times Book Review), and of Twilight: a Symphony.Joyce was one of the original designers of the Storyspace hypertext writing environment. He is currently Professor of English and The Library at Vassar College.

Moral Tales and Meditations
by Michael Joyce
State University of New York Press (hardcover)

About the author:
Michael Joyce

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afternoon, a story

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