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by Joshua Davis

In a joint venture with IdN, Flash master Joshua Davis has released his own hard drive on CD-ROM. It's filled with the Flash projects and experiments that formed Praystation Year 2. It's all here: original source files, art, text, accidents, epiphanies, all as they appear in Davis' own hard drive. "Nothing was altered", Davis writes in the full-color booklet and catalog that accompanies the CD.

This collection provides an invaluable resource for serious Flash animators and programmers. The exquisitely-packaged, limited edition includes a full-color catalog, CD, and a custom case.


397 folders, 3637 files, 462 Meg of raw data: a snapshot of the studio of a major new media artist, frozen and time and delivered to you for exploration, study, inspiration, and for use in your own work.

We've acquired a very limited quantity of this title, destined to become a collector's item.

Praystation Year 2 ...$20.00 (CD, requires Macromedia Flash)
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