Webzine 2005 Specials

Webzine 2005

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TEKKA is our subscription Web magazine about new media and software aesthetics. If you're working on the edge of the future -- if you're building a better media world -- we want you to be reading (and writing) TEKKA.

Tinderbox Webzine VIP
$165 $165

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Tinderbox is the tool for notes. Tinderbox helps you gather, organize, link, and share ideas; it's a personal content management assistant.

You carry a supercomputer in your laptop bag: isn't it time you really used that power? Tinderbox sorts, searches, and maps your stuff quickly. Its files are XML, so your data is yours. And Tinderbox's template-based Web tools let you build sites that work the way you want. (Experimental information architecture? Smart, self-organizing categories? Better blogrolls? No problem: just do it.)

This site, for example, was made with Tinderbox. You might have seen me taking notes at Webzine with Tinderbox. Or you might have seen Irina Slutsky's map of the power connections in New Orleans reconstruction, whipped together in 15 minutes in Tinderbox. I hope you'll give it a look. (The demo is free, and this half-price offer won't last)

Afternoon, a story, by Michael Joyce. $24.95 $19.95

You can always remove it later.

We've been publishing original hypertexts since 1987. (Yes -- you read that right. Many years before the Web.)

Perhaps you'd like a look at our literary side: why not start at the beginning? Here's afternoon, a story, Michael Joyce's wonderful hypertext about a technical writer who tells you, "I want to say that I may have seen my son die this morning." It's a wonderful, lyrical, and challenging work, now taught in Literature and American Studies courses all over the world. It runs on Windows and Macintosh Classic (OS X coming next month as a free update).

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