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Mothering, Century Cross, and Completing The Circle

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From Mothering
There are spiders in the corners, her mother says they are knitting Christmas stockings and must be left in peace. When they talk about her father, the room darkens.

From Century Cross
Ever since the Oklahoma bombing, the Federal center shuts down tight at 6:45 pm. Gates slam shut, locking the buildings behind the old barbed wire and new rows of concrete bunkers and razor wire. The theory is, I think, that the horror of destruction can appear only in the dark, under the unexpected moon. The reality is cloaked in catch-22's . . . And if you have to work late, you are trapped for the night.
I had some work Washington wanted and some work my own boss wanted. As the two didn't coincide, I found myself trapped in the Bureau building

From Completing The Circle
Haller went into the alley to smoke. There was a space in his life he couldn't account for. The chain of events was broken, and he simply couldn't remember where the broken link was. How many months had passed since he had gotten out of the hospital?


The continual sound -- part murmur, part jackhammer -- of a mother's voice binds past, present, and possible futures. The unnamed narrator struggles with death, birth, and with the lost loves -- Alwin, J. R., and the Deep Sea Diver -- who populate her psychic landscape. Sensitive, whimsical, and moving.

Century Cross

This is what happens when you stay overnight in the Federal Center to catch up on your work. You hear odd noises. Pictures fall off the wall. Then you spy a coyote who is smart enough to know how the world began, but foolish enough to destroy it (maybe) if you don't pay more attention to him.

Completing The Circle

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A man, his wife, his lover, and his fantasy: four voices converge, overlap, and ultimately disintegrate. Under the New Mexico desert sun, this is a view from Haller's brain, a mind overtaken by delusion, love, collapse, and the desperate attempt to keep it all together.

Eastgate Quarterly 2(2)

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The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext
Volume 2 Number 2
ISBN 1-884511-26-0
Macintosh and Windows..... $24.95

About the author:
Judith Kerman
Deena Larsen
Michael van Mantgem

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