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More Views of Hypertext '99

Deena Larsen welcomed some 30 writers, designers, and researchers to this year's Writers Workshop. Titled "Messenger Morphs the Media", the workshop concentrated this year on exploring ways that writers influence the design of new hypertext systems.

Deena, author of Marble Springs and Samplers: Nine Vicious Little Hypertexts, also organized a reading room and an evening of live hypertext readings.


A Jugendstihl wall sconce, from one of Darmstadt's fine museums.

Robert Cailliau (CERN) and Nick Traenker (Kent State) at the Writers Workshop.

Prof. Marc Nanard, president of ACM SIGWEB, relaxes after the annual business meeting. Nanard, and collaborator Prof. Jocelyn Nanard, presented a ambitious paper to the Workshop on Design Patterns that seeks to define the different ways people use patterns and pattern knowledge.
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