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Yet More Views of Hypertext '99

Robert Cailliau (CERN) and Jill Walker (Bergen). Cailliau, the confererence's closing keynote speaker, was co-author of the original proposal for the World-Wide Web.

While most people believe the Web has grown rapidly, Cailliau argues convincingly that we should have expected even faster progress.

Mark Bernstein's opening keynote, "Where Are The Hypertexts?", speculated on reasons why hypertext -- even now -- often seems peripheral to the world of writing. In this closing slide, Bernstein's four characters -- Weiss, Ted, Chieko, and Jan (left to right) -- take a brief rest before the conference begins.



In his talk, Bernstein urged everyone in the field -- especially scientists and engineers -- to write hypertext.

Later, Prof. Leslie Carr (Southampton) responds to the challenge, announcing that future conferences will offer "Bernie Awards" for new, exciting, and extreme hypertexts.

Deena Larsen explains her poster, on hypertext structure, to Susanna Pajares Tosca.
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