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Nancy Kaplan

Nancy Kaplan created the first hypertext kitchen, by bringing a bunch of men together in her Ithaca, New York home and marveling at their immobility.

Kaplan has taught writing and media studies at Cornell and the University of Texas at Dallas. She now teaches electronic design and virtual culture in the Institute for Language, Technology, and Publications Design at the University of Baltimore. She has published numerous essays on computers and writing and the culture of information systems. In 1987 her revision program PROSE, co-authored with Joseph Martin and Stuart Davis, won the EDUCOM-NCRIPTAL award for best educational software.

As project manager at the Baltimore Interactive Group, Kaplan is largely responsible for these Eastgate home pages. She also created the World Wide Web version of Deena Larsen's Marble Springs, which you should go see.

You too can visit Nancy's (virtual) kitchen.

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