Tinderbox 4.0

Upgrades are free if you purchased Tinderbox within the past year. If you own any version of Tinderbox, you can get Tinderbox 3.5 today and receive a full year of free upgrades for just $90.

Tinderbox maps are more flexible and expressive than ever. Choose new shapes for your notes, or expand a note to see its text as well as its title. Add a progress bar to notes about tasks, or a badge icon to highlight special notes. Switching prototypes is easier than ever with the new prototype tab. You'll see more detail inside containers and agents. And everything simply looks better.

Outlines are better, too. Badges highlight special items. Progress bars give you status information about tasks. Right-click the outline icon for a handy prototype menu.

Tinderbox actions and rules help make your Tinderbox documents smarter and more helpful, and now they are much more powerful and even easier to write.

Tinderbox reaches out to other programs and to your favorite Web 2.0 services to make organizing and sharing your notes even easier and more productive. Here's one example, a tutorial on teaching your agents to use email and twitter to share updates with your colleagues.

In all, Tinderbox 4 features nearly 100 new features and improvements.

Tinderbox: the tool for notes


Download Tinderbox 3.6.2 for Mac OS X. More download options.

"A fantastic tool for interoffice brainstorming, meeting note-taking, or just sitting down to think by yourself" -- Sean Carton, clickZ

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The Tinderbox Way
The Tinderbox Way by Mark Bernstein. 240 pages. (learn more) $39.95

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The Tinderbox Way hardcover. $59.95 $49.95

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"Amazing...clever and elegant."The Guardian

"The Weblog Wonder" -- MacWorld (4.5 mice)

The most useful piece of software I have on my PowerBook. -- Rob McNair-Huff, editor, Mac Net Journal

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"The software I feel like I've been waiting 15 years to have" -- Doug Miller, CTO, iRobotics

"A truly elegant thinking environment" -- David Fultz

"Offers innovation driven companies a unique new way to both manipulate and manage ideas visually" -- Robert Ouellette, Boxes and Arrows


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