I had a Shakespeare class with Blat, Jim says. He didn't seem so bad. Is that Lucas on the cover?

Roland's reading Wired. He looks at the cover. Yeah. You hear anything new with all that? If they throw fucking Cleary off the team-- Swear to God, man, somebody'll shoot that prick.

Right, Jim laughs. They'll throw Cleary off the team.

Why? Roland says. She punched out a professor. I read she hit him with the Bard.

Slugged him with Shakespeare, Jim says, still laughing.

Roland gets off his cot and stands beside the bunk bed, eye to eye with Jim. So what's so funny? If you or me slugged a prof, we'd be out on our ass.

You and me, Jim says, are not the best basketball player this school's ever had in its history. They're going to throw Charmaine Cleary off the team? Oh yeah.