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A Map of the Graveyard in Marble Springs

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The graveyard lies crooked on Gold Hill, reminding the living of the lives of those buried in Marble Springs.
Plot One:
Jake Mateson 1840 -1895
Mollie Mateson 1851-1886

"'Neath the shadow of these stern mountains, we have laid our sweet little boy to rest." Jan 15, 1869.

Ruby Mateson 1867-1929
Emmy Mateson 1870-1929

Plot Two:
Asa Miller 1848-1925
Abigail Miller 1850-1888
"Faithful wife of Asa Miller"

"Our son sleeping in Jesus arms" 1888

Plot Three:
Pastor Ed Horner 1850-1932
"The root of the Righteous shall not be moved."

Millicent Horner 1855-1933
"God is our refuge and our strength."

Baby Horner Baby Horner

Plot Four:
T.M. Davidson1856-1914
"For everything there is a season"
A time to keep and a time to cast away.

Elizabeth Quincy Davidson 1859-1906
"Born in Boston."

Plot Five:
Billie Rose 1869-1902
"Fondly Remembered"

Old Joe Cattering 1830-1904

D.C. M.C.
"Taken too soon"

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