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Joe Cattering:

Prospected Sugar Boy Mountain. In 1872, he uncovered two large silver veins, and he secretly mined what he could. Mr. Davidson helped him buy out all other claims on Sugar Boy and financed the Sugar Boy Mine, which produced $100,000 of silver a year in its heyday. The mine had not tapped out when the Silver Crash of 1893 forced the mine to close. He and his wife, Billie Rose, stayed on to raise their sons and gain respectability in Marble Springs.

Martin Crow:

One of the first English explorers in the West. In a feverish search for fabled riches, he explored Ute Territory and beyond to Yerba Buena. On his return trek to the States, he trapped beaver pelts and searched for gold in Crystal River Valley. He died at the base of Crow's Mountain. Wife Mabel followed him.

Pastor Ed Horner:

From Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Married Millicent (Millie) Horner and felt the call to go to Marble Springs. In 1878, Pastor Horner established three parish churches in the Crystal River Valley. Served the churches faithfully until the last church (in Marble Springs) closed its doors in 1931. Died a year later.

T. M. Davidson:

Boston financier. Came out to Marble Springs to create a visionary town of prosperous, happy workers. Owned or controlled the quarry, railroad, Sugar Boy Mine, and other interests around Marble Springs. Built the Marble Edifice for the benefit of the town. Built the Goliath Manor for his lovely, highly connected wife, Elizabeth Quincy Davidson. Invited three Presidents to hunting trips there.

Jake Mateson:

Jake started the White Owl, best saloon in the Valley, in 1876. Chair-bound after being injured in a gambling accident, he ruled the White Owl until his death.

Asa Miller:

Born in New York, attended Columbia law school from 1869-1871. Married Abigail Miller while in law school. Friends with Clancy Gaylor in law school. Fresh from law school, went out West with Clancy to seek a cure for his chronic asthma. Settled in Marble Springs as a lawyer. Defended Clancy's wife, Edith, on charges of murdering her husband. Had one living daughter, Cassandra (Zandra).

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