The Ladies Aid Roster

Members and Officers of the Ladies Aid Society

Millie Horner, Vice President | Illustrious Officers | Emmy Mateson | Zandra Miller

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The Ladies Aid Roster:
Founded by Rachel Cole in 1878, The Ladies Aid Sewing Circle and Rescue Society met every Tuesday evening to quilt for raffles and to do other charitable work. The Ladies Aid, under the guise of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, also fought for women's suffrage. After their success in 1893 when Colorado became the first state to grant women the vote, they worked to eradicate the devil of drink and to grant women the right to own property. The group began to fall apart after Rachel's death in 1926 and formally disbanded in 1931.
Illustrious Officers: 1893
Women, we will one day be free to own our lives, to have property in our own names. Now, we must strive ever onward to extend the power of the vote. We will sweep out corruption and fashion a society to reflect the love and beauty with which we imbue our homes.

Rachel Cole's speech when Colorado became the first state to give women the vote.

First Rose:
Susannah opened a library: Scott's Poetry and Brown's Sermons.
Second Rose:
Rachel Cole gathered petitions and spoke for women's suffrage.

Third Rose:
Laura raffled a signature quilt to succor mining families caught in the Panic.

Fourth Rose:
Zandra led a debating evening on "Women's Politics."
Fifth Rose:
Millie sponsored the Crystal River Revivial and took up a collection for China missions.
Sixth Rose:
Charity gave a lecture series on the "Frugal Housewife."
Seventh Rose:
Matilda presided over a knitting brigade to provide socks for the boys at the Front.
Eighth Rose:
Emmy conducted a "Tales of the Pioneers" evening.

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