The First Congregationalist Church


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First Congregationalist Church:
In 1878, Pastor Horner established three parish churches throughout the Crystal River Valley. All of the congregations held fund raisers to build a manse in Marble Springs. The Pastor held services in the Marble Edifice on the first and third Sundays of each month and travelled to Carbondale and Redstone for the other Sundays.
The church closed its doors in 1931.
The Church:
We, the lesser sex, mold the
morals of the greater world.

We, the weaker sex, fight on
for temperance and peace.

We, the fairer sex, fashion our young into upright pillars of the community.

Let us then petition the stronger sex
to grant us the tools we need for these allotted tasks.

Rachel Cole's address to the Ladies Aid Society, "Why Ladies Require the Vote," September 7th, 1889.

We look to you, ladies, to uphold the sanctity of the Lord.

Ladies, the purity you instill in your sons forms
the foundation of the church;
the charities you foster in your homes build
the walls of the church;
and the love, honor, and obedience
you freely give your husbands
form the pillars that hold these walls upright.

From "The Domestic Duty," Pastor Horner's sermon for June 10th, 1898.

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