The White Owl

A Diagram of the Social Relations

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The White Owl
Saloons littered Marble Springs' streets with raucous music and mystery. The White Owl crowned these places. Jake started the White Owl in 1876. When he was injured in a gambling accident, Emmy took over. She straddled the line of respectability by turning the White Owl into a train station resthouse and inn. The inn lasted until the Mateson sisters' deaths when a snowslide buried the inn in the winter of 1929.
The White Owl
Now Boards tumble over each other, tearing at the few remaining shards of glass in the window panes, groping for the fresh, cold sun of winter.

The White Owl Saloon
Then Voices slur into the night. Pans clatter; someone tunes a fiddle. In the forgetting of things, you found peace.

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