Game Design

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Game Design

Dr. Henry M.Halff is an experimental psychologist who specializes in cognitive and instructional research. He is currently using Tinderbox to design a computer-based adventure game that teaches AP Physics.

I use notes to represent individual rooms in the game and links to represent the topology of the game. I make user defined fields to specify the features of each room. I can export the design in various formats to make it available to other applications and members of the development team.

Tinderbox offers extremely flexible export that meshes neatly with modern standards and cutting-edge development environments. Through agents and export templates, it's easy to take a single Tinderbox document and export to different formats HTML for documentation pages, plain text for project email, and XML configuration files can easily be generated from a single place.

Better still, its easy to adapt export templates to changing needs, letting your Tinderbox file track moving targets as new standards appear and as your software tools improve and change.

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