Tinderbox 4: See your way

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Tinderbox 4: See your way

The Map View in Tinderbox 4 gives you new ways to express and visualize your notes, tasks, and ideas. It's not just a pretty picture; Tinderbox maps are carefully thought for real work, helping you discover and manage emergent structure in hundreds or thousands of notes.

400/Shapes.jpg screenshot feature Notes can now have a variety of different shapes, making it easier than ever to visualize complex information spaces. Shapes, like colors and borders and other aspects of the map, can be set by agents or inherited from prototypes.

400/TextInMaps.jpg screenshot feature Notes in maps can now show their text as well as their title.

400/BadgesInMaps.jpg screenshot feature Badges appear in maps an outlines to distinguish notable items. Badges, like shapes, can be chosen by hand or automatically set or inherited. Nearly fifty useful badges are built-in, and you can add your own.

400/PrototypeTab.jpg screenshot feature In contrast to databases, which work best if you get the design right the first time, the structure of Tinderbox documents is constantly changing. The new prototype tab makes it even easier to use inheritance effectively. The tab shows you the the prototype of the selected note. Right-clicking the tab lets you change prototypes quickly.

400/MapProgressBar.jpg screenshot feature The new progress bar patterns add a new dimension to Tinderbox visualizations.

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