Mentioned Characters

Joe Cattering (Billie Rose's husband)
Jeremiah Cohen (Ilsa's father)
Matthew Cole (Rachel's husband)
Walter Cole (Rachel's son)
Wayne Cole (Rachel's son)
Troy Cooper (Lillian's husband)
Kurt Croft (Caroline's husband)
Martin Crow (Mabel's husband)
Perdy Dagmar (Peggy's husband)
T.M. Davidson (Elizabeth's husband)
Clancy (Clarence) Gaylor (Edith's husband)
Charles Gladston (Perry Sue's husband)
Paul Granger (Matilda's husband)
Hank Green (Victoria's husband)
Griffith, a prospector
Dickon Grimes (Enid Grimes' husband)
Eric Harmon (Dell's son)
Ernest Harmon (Dell's son)
Isaac Harmon (Anne's son)
Jordan Harmon (Anne's son) (Leah Cole's husband)
Sam Harmon (Dell's husband)
Tim Harmon (Anne's husband)
Joel Harris (Edna Harris' husband)
Jimmy Heollstar (Alvina's son)
Joey Heollstar (Alvina's son)
Jud Heollstar (Alvina's husband)
Timmy Horne (died in 1829-- see Perry Sue Gladston)
Ed Horner, (Pastor, Millie's husband)
Doctor Hudson has a large practice throughout
Crystal River Valley
Sven Jenson (Ingrid's husband)
Ken Jones (Miss Sing's second mate)
Fred Keeperly (Laura's husband)
Randall Klaron, schoolteacher from 1873 to 1893
Jake Mateson (Mollie's husband) (Emmy's father)
Sandy McQuigg (Lillian's father)
Asa Miller (Abigail's husband) (Zandra's father)
Bart Morrison (Gambles for Ruby, shoots up town)
Michael Nolan (Mariam's husband)
Kevin Paine (Charity's husband)
Henry Pitkin (Towee's mate)
Ben Rainer (Lucy's husband)
Jacob Rubenstien (Ilsa's husband)
Luc San (Miss Sing's first husband)
Herbert Jenkins Smith (Susannah's husband)
Richard Stokes (Martha's husband)
Tom Stoner (Sadie's husband)
Will Turner (Mandy's husband)
Peter Wringle (Jenny's husband)
Ichiro Yamamoto (Hatsuki's son)
Kenji Yamamoto (Hatsuki's husband)
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Mentioned Characters:
This page lists all characters named in conjunction with characters whose poems already appear in Marble Springs. The characters listed on this page do not yet have stories, so feel free to write these characters' stories or to create new characters to further populate Marble Springs. When you create your own characters, check this list first to make sure that you are not taking another person's name, thereby causing fits of confusion.

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