“…the primary source for serious hypertext” – Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review

Writing Spaces

Whether your work is destined for print, disk, CD, or the Web, Storyspace can help you make your writing more effective, while making the process of writing more pleasant.

Storyspace's writing spaces represent chunks of writings: facts, ideas, references, or entire passages. Writing spaces hold text, images, sounds -- whatever you need. Create as many writing spaces as you want: just click the mouse and give the new writing space a name. You can even drag writing spaces inside other spaces, letting you organize and reorganize with ease and precision.

Moving a writing space is fast and easy. Links always stay connected. This map is part of We Descend by Bill Bly.

Storyspace links connect specific sections of text, images, or entire writing spaces. Link adapt instantly whenever you move or edit a writing space. Storyspace links are never broken. Creating a link is as simple as drawing a line. Storyspace links can even change their behavior as each reader progresses through a hypertext.

Storyspace writing spaces are tangible objects -- things you can pick up, arrange, and rearrange as your ideas change or as you discover new information. Organizing, clustering, and revising are natural and pleasant; because moving things is easy and because links retain connections automatically, many writers find that trying new organizations is easier and less threatening in Storyspace than in conventional tools.